Global Citizenship(Article)

Global Citizenship is the right, responsibilities and duties that come with being a member of this global world. It extends beyond physical boundaries of nations and continents. A global citizen respects every religion, faith,, creed and language irrespective of nationality and community. A global citizenship does not define responsibilities and duties within a particular community rather extends it across the entire globe. Human sufferings like poverty, diseases and unemployment at any part of the globe are felt with same concern at another part.

Once we understand the importance of global citizenship our actions are automatically directed towards welfare of entire human race. We start respecting nature which is truly global in nature. In modern times when entire world is facing many challenges like terrorism, extremism and global warming the sense of global citizenship becomes more relevant.

Moreover, the entire world nowadays is a global market and evolution of Internet has helped in diminishing the boundaries across nations. I hope a day will come when “Vasudeva Kutumkam” becomes true.

Student Corner