International Understanding Development Programme

Him Academy Public School, Vikasnagar is always focuses to develop “International Understanding” among its’ students. Under ‘Internationalism’ pillar of Round Square, students of grade 10th were made aware about life style, personal hygiene and geographical conditions of Italy.

A detailed comparative study of Italy and India were also told to students. Above mentioned students were made enlightened in detail about every aspect of Italy, through Power Point Presentation. Gymnasium High School Italy, an International partner of HAPS-VN is going to visit Him Academy Public School, Vikasnagar for cultural exchange programme in the month of November, in which students of the Italy delegation will be made familiar about every cultural aspect of India. Students of Him Academy Public School, Vikasnagar are being made aware accordingly so that they can also understand each and every aspect of Italy.

Mr. Anil Chandel, Mrs. Shelly Dhiman and Mr. Amit Thakur supported the whole programme enthusiastically. Mrs. Naina Lakhanpal, Principal HAPS-VN supervised the whole programme.

Student Corner